Luxury Interior Design Firm

Decorating is not about stage sets; it’s not about making pretty pictures for the magazines; it’s about creating a quality of life, a beauty that nourishes the soul. —Albert Hadley

From large scale renovations, to smaller scale furnishings and installations, our expert interior design team will meticulously guide and assist you with your next project with the intent not only to improve your surroundings, but by virtue, your quality of life.

J. PATRYCE DESIGN & COMPANY is a full-service interior design firm, which focuses on high-end, custom residential projects as well as multi unit luxury development projects. Founded in 2005, our mission is to approach each project with a holistic vision, and create spaces that are a true reflection of the clients living within them. Our clean, sophisticated design approach is continually inspired through nature, travel, art and the every day world around us.

We pride ourselves on communicating closely and openly with the client, in addition to the respective vendors, contractors and architects that we partner with each day to ensure we deliver perfectly planned, wonderful spaces. We work with fellow experts who have been cultivated through years of thorough vetting. While the process is collaborative, we believe in educating our clients as we guide them through the vast array of custom and unique offerings which exist in our realm.

With a small staff, we provide an “all hands on deck” approach to each project to ensure that the highest level of quality and a unified vision is carried through from the onset through project completion. Our ultimate goal is to provide a customized interior plan intended to transform a client’s living space into a cohesive, beautiful home.

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