Design Process

You may know what you like, but you aren’t quite sure where to begin. A professional interior designer will guide you through the process with a well thought out plan to help you avoid costly mistakes and introduce you to new concepts and solutions that are ideal for your home. We will work closely with you to ensure your completed project is not only beautiful, but also highly functional. The finished project should reflect the home of your dreams.


A complimentary meeting is held in our office. We will ask you to bring along images that best reflect your desired aesthetic along with an ideal wish list and ballpark budget. Based on our discussion and your visual cues, our expert team will come up with the best plan for your space. Additionally, we will walk you through a completed project from concept to installation.

We bill on an hourly basis in addition to a sourcing fee, which is applied to the trade pricing for all goods and services. Based on the initial consultation, we will prepare a detailed proposal outlining the scope of services, the estimated number of hours, and an anticipated start week based on our current projects. A retainer is requested in order to lock in a start date.

Once the proposal is accepted, a formal contract is provided for signature and deposit. We would then visit your home for a site measure and photo documentation. Where appropriate, we may arrange to have the trades visit as well for estimating purposes.

A meeting is set up to review floor, furniture, and millwork plans along with general design concepts and color schemes.

Based on feedback from the conceptual meeting, definitive plans are submitted along with final design and furnishings recommendations. We prepare design boards, which include images and material samples to help you visualize the design plan. Creating the final design concept is a time-consuming process and may require several weeks or longer, depending on the scope of your project.

An estimated budget is prepared based on the design/materials proposed and accepted during the Phase II presentation. Once the budget is approved, design proposals are created for signature/final payment. Timely approval of the design scheme is crucial for maintaining accurate pricing and ensuring availability. Once the design has been approved and all elements are finalized we can begin executing the design.

Next you will receive a detailed proposal with images that outlines items to be purchased along with all known associated costs (freight and delivery are often billed at a later date). Certain items must be billed/paid in full (for example: fabric/wall covering, and vintage or off the shelf items). Any balance items will be due when the merchandise is ready for delivery or when services provided by trades are substantially completed.

We will recommend the best contractors/trades based on the project scope. The contractor/s will provide us with a negotiated bid and timeline.

Pre- and post-construction meetings along with onsite visits during construction will be conducted, ensuring the design is executed perfectly. We will create detailed schedules by room by item. These spreadsheets will be updated and emailed regularly to ensure the client is continually kept in the loop.

The JPD staff will oversee all deliveries and installations including furniture/rug placement. The majority of the installation will take place on one given day for the best results. At this time, we will bring along accessories on approval and style your home with a first layer of detail.

We are continually curating relationships with talented artists and local galleries because we believe that a home without art is incomplete. When the right pieces are hung, the entire space comes to life. We will arrange gallery visits and bring art to your home on approval until our work is done. For the best results, we arrange for the art to be hung by professional installers.

A punch list consisting of anything in need of completion/touch up will be compiled. We will arrange to have each item on the list addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible. If there is something that is not right, we will ensure it is taken care of.

Once the dust settles and all of the millwork, furnishings, rugs, window treatments, wallpaper, accessories and artwork are installed, we will arrange a convenient date to professionally photograph the space. It takes a full day to do this – so we will schedule this when you are able to let us use the space freely for a block of time.