It is amazing how you can elevate an existing space with efficient space planning, an updated palette and proper furniture!

Our clients found the garden level much more appealing following the renovation of the adjoining outdoor space, so they called us in to assess what could be done to update the interior and give the kitchen and bathroom a refresh.

We replaced outdated ceiling lights with smaller LED options in combination with more attractive surface mounted fixtures, including useful wall sconces for more direct reading light.

We removed unnecessary soffits, covered walls in textured grass cloth and designed built-ins and custom seating to comfortably seat everyone, including their furry friends!

We left the kitchen cabinetry as is, but updated the counters, backsplash, hardware, and lighting. We added a custom sideboard and stone topped island for additional storage and surface space. Lastly, we gut renovated the full bath and ebonized the existing cherrywood flooring.