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Luxurious, High End, Majestic, Lavish, Upscale, we could go on all day with adjectives that describe what you’re looking for in your home or office. At J. Patryce Design & Company founded in 2005, we know it’s important to you that your living or work space reflects who you are, and that currently, it may not be doing your style justice. As high end interior designers around Summit, NJ, we have an expert team that specializes in transforming your space into a clean, modern and elegant work of art. Show friends and family who you are by redesigning your home with clean lines and a more inviting feel, or bring clients into an office that reflects the professionalism that your possess.

High End Interior Design in Summit NJ

The process of hiring J. Patryce Design & Company for high end interior design services in Summit, NJ begins with a complimentary consultation in our office. This is where we ask that you bring any images that you feel are necessary to portray your style to us, an ideal wish list and a ballpark budget for the entire project. From here, our team will develop the best possible plan for your space. You can count on our interior design team to stick with you from concept to installation, keeping open communication throughout the entire process. When hiring the Hoboken based J. Patryce Design & Company for your high end interior design projects, you are hiring a team of professionals who has the experience to transform your space with our unique, clean designs while also managing your entire project including communication with other trades involved. We finalize the project by bringing in professional photographers to capture long lasting memories of your new home or office.

High End Interior Designer near Summit NJ

Part of redesigning your home or office is refreshing the space in which you call home or work. Taking that space from drab and boring to bright, clean and elegant can be an uplifting and invigorating experience. As a high end interior design company near Summit, NJ, we provide everything you need to take your living and/or work space to the next level. This can mean the inclusion of contractors and artists, installation and placement of furniture and rugs, plus any other accessories (upon approval) that may be needed to complete the look of your new space.

Call J. Patryce Design & Company today, the high end interior design team near Summit, NJ ready to transform your home or office, it’s time for your space to reflect YOU! Let’s channel Joan Enger together (our Principal interior designer) and begin creating your elegant new space today.