Luxury Interior Design Firm in Westchester County, NY

There are so many different elements that go into cultivating a warm and elegant living or office space, it’s often a challenge to get them all just right. Choosing colors, textures, furnishings, and décor that blend well enough to create a cohesive design but are distinct enough to keep things interesting is a skill that takes years to master.

So, why not partner with someone who has the experience you lack to implement the designs you love? J. Patryce Design & Company in Westchester County has been transforming residential and commercial spaces all over New York and New Jersey since our founding in 2005! Our top luxury interior designers are committed to seeing your project through from conception to installation.

Westchester, NY High-End Interior Design

Our signature look is a stunning combination of clean lines and classic elements that invite you in to stay awhile. We infuse your space with more than just elegance and style though—we firmly believe that your space should be an embodiment of you!

The residential interior designers at our Westchester firm draw their inspiration from what you love and channel it through the latest trends in luxury style.

Voted One of the Top 50 Interior Designers in New York Spaces Magazine

J. Patryce Design & Company is known for uplifting and invigorating spaces that are falling flat. From small half bathrooms to complete townhouse remodels, there’s no limit to what our expert high-rise and loft interior designers can do. No matter the scale or the scope of your interior design needs, we have it covered.

Commercial Interior Design Services in Westchester, NY

The expertise of our high-end interior design team extends beyond the residential realm. We’ve partnered on many residential complexes and commercial building projects to bring comfort and sophistication to major spaces all throughout Westchester!

When you collaborate with us on your commercial project, you’ll boost your property value, simplify and expedite your design process, and feel assured knowing your building will be a space of both magnificence and productivity.

Whether you have a space in desperate need of total design salvation or just need help finding the perfect finishing touches, J. Patryce Design & Company can provide you with everything you need. Our broad range of meticulously managed interior design services has something to offer for everyone.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about our luxury design work!