High End Interior Designer in Westfield, NJ

J. Patryce Design & Company has been providing high end interior design services to Westfield, NJ since it was founded in 2005. Embodying the vision of our Principal interior designer, Joan Enger, our team of expert specializes in the blending of classic elements with clean lines, resulting in a warm environment that is both inviting and elegant. Hiring us as your high end interior designer in and around Westfield, NJ is the first step to transforming your dark and drab home into a reflection of your bright and beautiful style. If the home or office you currently live or work in is not up to par with your current style, it’s time to make some drastic changes.

High End Interior Designer in Westfield, NJ

Starting with a consultation right here in our office, the process begins with a discussion on your style, wish list and ballpark budget. From inception to installation, our high end interior designers in Westfield, NJ will act as not just your designers, but project managers, ensuring smooth communication between our design firm and all trades involved. Although our firm is based in Hoboken, we service all over New Jersey including locations in Westfield, NJ for residential homes and office interior design.

High End Interior Design Company in Westfield, NJ

Having your home reflective of your personality is important, as a high end interior design company in Westfield, NJ, we want you to be comfortable in the place you choose to lay your head, cook for your spouse, raise a family or even entertain in. if you’re not proud of your living space, it can affect your lifestyle and general mood on a daily basis. The same goes for your work place. If your office is dark and unkempt, it can make for a less productive staff and give off negative vibes to visiting clients. Allow us to transform your office or business with high end interior design, into the productive and professional space you want and deserve, creating bright and open spaces that are elegant.

Contact J. Patryce Design & Company today and let us make your dreams of high end interior design a reality!