GARDEN STREET SPEC HOUSE 1 | Hoboken, New Jersey

With the use of clean, modern materials and a nearly perfect layout, the project was successfully completed within sixteen months.

A ‘fixer upper’ to say the least, we purchased the 4-story row house from an estate. This would be the first of many complete gut renovations that my firm would partner with my husband and his development team on. The prior owners had lived in the house for 60+ years and had not made many changes. Mold, asbestos, oil tanks, broken windows and squeaky staircases were just some of the challenges. The house was a mere 14-1/2’ wide necessitating a clever and super functional layout. The kitchen-dining level had low ceilings, which added to the list of cons.

However, with the use of clean, modern materials, a light palette and a nearly perfect layout, the house was successfully completed within 16 months. The property sold in one day to the first couple that came through!